Machining Centres

Homag’s CNC machining and processing centre for woodworking is used to examine DC technology within a production machine. The CNC machining and processing centre for woodworking is a flexible CNC woodworking centre. This enables the complete production of large wood panels with more than 30 tools. It was selected for DC-INDUSTRIE because larger masses are accelerated and decelerated. In order to reduce the peak power requirement, a chemical energy storage system has been integrated. Here too, direct comparison with AC technology was part of the investigation. One of the results was a reduced mains feed-in power of around 10%. In the project DC-INDUSTRIE2 HOMAG builds a complete DC plant which combines 3 different machines in one DC grid.

Key Research Topics

  • DC grid in a plant
  • High precision servo drives from different manufacturers operating on a shared DC bus - High energy flow peaks from large accelerating and decelerating masses
  • Battery integration for lowering peak power demands
  • Comparison of energy balance between AC and DC technology
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