Conveyer Systems

The carousel-type test setup allows for a continuous material flow by utilising a de-palletiser and a palletiser as well as pack and pallet conveyors. The test setup was designed and coordinated by KHS Worms. It comprises over 30 drives ranging from 0,75 kW to 22 kW and is the first system in the project to be operated entirely in automatic mode. Almost all participating drive and component manufacturers were able to install their own test components in accordance with
DC-INDUSTRIE system specifications. This demonstrates the open approach of the project in an impressive way. Converting the initial AC test setup into a DC test setup allows for a direct comparison of AC and DC in terms of energy consumption. Furthermore, EMC measurements of the radiated and conducted interference emission were performed in order to provide reference values for future EMC standardisation.

Key Research Topics

  • Integration of various drives from different manufacturers
  • Scalability with respect to large plants
  • EMC with many different consumers on the same DC grid
  • Stability during continuous production
  • Validation of decentralised DC drive concepts
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